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Phone : 804-672-7308   Email : jes10501@aol.com
Paws Plus Training is a family-owned positive reinforcement dog training company located in Central Virginia. We feel strongly that a lasting and successful relationship between dog and human is built on trust and mutual respect. We believe and only use positive training methods to enhance the relationship and communication between dog and handler. We agree to and follow the positive training standards set forth by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).
Our Services Include:
  • K-9 Nosework Classes
  • Tracking Lessons & Seminars
  • Agility Classes & Lessons
  • Obedience Lessons
  • Puppy Temperament Testing
  • In-home Behavioral Consultations
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UPCOMING EVENTS: Stay tuned for upcoming classes and events. 

Congratulations to Janie Simmons and Daisy for earning their NW3 Elite title in January 2015. They join a very small group nationwide to accomplish this feat!


Congratulations to Ken Breeden and Pele on earning their TD title in March! Bruce McNelly and Lizzy for earning their TD title in February 2015! Great job to these teams!


Congratulations to our students who earned K-9 Nosework Titles in 2015!


  • Christine Johnson & Sobe (Pronounced)
  • Ken Breeden & Davis (Pronounced)
  • Sarah Gardner & Goose
  • Maggie Bryson & Skeeter
  • Beth Shriver & Cruiser
  • Martha Gibby & Drift
  • Sandy Mattes & Glory
  • Susan Gokey & Dreamer
  • Ginny Padgette & Jeep



  • Ellen McNelly & Lizzy (Pronounced) - First Place Overall
  • Ken Breeden & Pele (Prnounced) - Third Place Overall
  • Susan Palocsay and Sarika
  • Ann Jerome & Barclay (Pronounced)
  • Beth Shriver & Bee
  • Liz Bass & Kate
  • Kathy Walton & Delainie (Pronounced)
  • Jen Johnson & Shadow - Second NW3
  • Janie Simmons & Daisy - Third NW3
  • Jan Dalby & Sassafras
  • Jim Simmons & Reese - Pronounced & First Place Overall
  • Leih Merigian & Geyser - Pronounced & Second Place Overall
NW3 - Element Title for Exteriors:
  •  Jen Johnson & Shadow
  •  Jan Dalby & Sassafras
NW3 - Element Title for Containers:

NW3 - Element Title for Interiors:

  • Jan Dalby & Sassafras  
NW3 - Element Title for Vehicles:
  • Jim Simmons & Reese
NW3 Elite
  • Janie Simmons and Daisy


Pronounced is a special designation provided by the NACSW to denote exceptional teamwork between and dog and handler on the trial day. 


Great job to all of these teams! 
Jim Simmons and Maxmillian's Days of Thunder TDX
TDX title earned September 23, 2012