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Here's what our customers are saying...

"My young puppy Zola (now 8 months) has been participating in a Nosework class for the last 6 weeks at Paws Plus. Zola loves nosework and Janie and Jen Simmons. They have been wonderful with her. Both are so knowledgable, open and helpful. Zola has attended several puppy/manners classes since we got her at 9 weeks. Nosework is by far her favorite place to go and she gets so excited I can hardly contain her. I have enjoyed watching her confidence grow. If you've never participated in a nosework class with your dog you are truly missing out. Having the opportunity to watch your pup work at what they do best is an incredibly rewarding and positive experience." -- Kathy Townsend and Zola


"I have had the good fortune to work with Janie, Jim and Jen for many years now. My husband and I have worked with our dogs in agility, tracking and nose work. We even have the titles to prove it!  It's all been lots of fun and it's because Paws Plus makes it fun."  Sandy & Roy Mattes


"Just have to tell  you what our Lab, Drift, told us today -  "That Janie, Jim and Jim were her best friends"!  And we can note that we feel that way too - plus add thank you for taking an energetic, hyper Lab and focusing her to be a dedicated, focused dog in both Nose Work and Tracking, with two ribbons to prove her ability.  Her energetic excitement when the day rolls around, fills our home and the car on the way, with her excitement reach a crescendo when we arrive for her training session.  Hard to thank you enough for the additional bonding that comes with this program.

 But we do Thank You!" Monchie, Bob Gibby and the Beautiful Lady Drifter


"My dog, Huck -- someone's 'discarded' hunting dog -- had lived on the run for several months before he was caught and I adopted him.  Needless to say, this is a dog who came with his own set of issues and baggage as a result of what he had been through.  I knew early on that one great way for the two of us to bond would be to pick a dog sport that we could work through together. Nosework and tracking were obvious choices with his background and it has been a joy to watch him blossom from the bull in the china shop that he was to a dog who really loves working with his nose. In addition to being excellent trainers, Jim, Janie, and Jen are wonderful human beings who truly care about their students.  They have helped me to better understand Huck and the issues that show up from time and have given me great strategies and tips to work through them.   As a result, he has become a wonderful companion and our bond is strong.  I owe them a world of thanks and I look forward to training with Paws Plus for many years to come!" -- Mary Larson & Huck


"Training with Paws Plus has been a terrific experience. My youngest dog is very shy and with the great guidance of Jen, Jim and Janie - she has gained confidence which has carried over to many other activities. I would recommend Paws Plus to everyone. They are excellent at helping you and your companion become a team, share adventures, and make wonderful memories."  Kim Bolster & Tally


We have been taking classes from Paws Plus for the past two years.  We were looking for something to do with Casey, our female dog.  She does not like to do AKC Rally or Obedience.  So we wanted to try Nose Work.  We found this was her calling.  She loves it.  It brings out the confidence in her.  She is in the driver’s seat and loves it.  Two titles and working towards number three.
Initially, we were not really interested in having our male dog, Goose, do Nose Work.  We felt he was too hyper and we really wanted this to be something only Casey did.  But after he barked like a crazy dog for two straight weeks in the car while Casey ran.  The Simmons said run Goose let’s see what he can do.  Having no training he was a natural.  He loved it.  It has brought out the best in Goose; He is still a crazy boy!  One Title and working towards number two.

Thanks for helping us! - Michael, Sarah, and the PUPS!



Supportive instructors.  Family environment.  6 dogs into it and we love it. – Christine Johnson



I've done both tracking and Nosework classes with Paws Plus. The instructors are knowledgeable and patient, and above all very encouraging. My dogs and I have both loved the experiences we've had with Paws Plus! – Cathy Canoles


Janie, Jim & Jen are excellent NW instructors who make this sport fun & educational. They know how to help even the most timid dogs learn to have fun & build their confidence. My dog is fear reactive to other dogs. In NW, dogs don't interact with each other & this allows him to do something fun & stimulating without being fearful of another dog getting too close to him. It is a great way to enhance the human-animal bond between you & your dog. I highly recommend the instructors & the classes at Paws Plus Training. – Linda Heimiller



My Field Spaniel absolutely LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her Nose Work classes.  It is always varied, definitely NOT boring, and the instructors are top notch and have been where we hope to go.  Their expertise is unquestionable and they always take the time with their students!  Whether you're a newbie or someone who has experience, I certainly would recommend Paws Plus for any training needs.     Evelyn Beede and Emmie