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If your dog has a nose, we can help you excel in canine scent sports.

Central Virginia’s only training group with four Certified Nosework Instructors.

Dedicated to serving both clients and the community for over 20 years.

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We feel strongly that a lasting and successful relationship between dog and human is built on trust and mutual respect. We believe and only use positive training methods to enhance the relationship and communication between dog and handler. We agree to and follow the positive training standards set forth by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

I started Nosework at Paws Plus with my 2 y.o., female Brittany, Ella in 2018. When we started, Ella was very fearful, nervous and anxious. I can’t get over her transformation since then. She has gained so much confidence that it’s unbelievable! She’s no longer afraid to stick her nose in a box or search for odor in “scary” places or startled by every little noise. She’s also become more social with people and other dogs. I have gained more confidence as a trainer and continue learning weekly from Janie, Jim, Jen, and Deb. And, we are having fun!

Vickie Chiocca & Ella

We began Nosework lessons with Paws Plus in 2010. My two Labs Suzy and Lizzy loved it! They participated and titled in many sports, but Nosework was their favorite! Even after Suzy lost her sight, she got her NW2 title just before turning 13. Lizzy is SO excited and energetic in every search. She got her Elite 1 title in 2020 is continuing to thoroughly enjoy searching. We are extremely fortunate to benefit from learning Nosework from the certified, expert instructors at Paws Plus Training!

Ellen McNelly

We have been involved with Paws Plus for many years now. So long that, in fact, we have had dogs age and retire and puppies come along and begin their training in nose work and tracking. We wouldn’t do this if it wasn’t fun for all of us. Our spaniels go crazy when their harnesses come out and they know that it’s game time! We have watched them develop their search skills but, also, self-discipline that they need in order to work a search area. Jim, Janie, Jen and Deb are the best!

Sandy & Roy Mattes

WOW, my first visit to Paws Plus Training I could not get out of my car.  Food would not even tempt me.  Everyday life was very challenging.  When I did not want to participate, the team never gave up on me.  With their knowledge and support my journey has completely changed.

My brother a rescue joined us several years ago.  He had his own set of issues with behaviors very different from my own.  In the beginning, my Mom and him had to be escorted to the training area due to his reactiveness.

Now,  Si and I  both cannot wait to  see our Paws Plus Family.  We enjoy everyday life and being part of the family.

Thank you Paws Plus for giving us a good life!!


Nose Work classes have been such a positive experience for my dogs & for me.  I started classes with Paws Plus Training years ago with my young (somewhat timid) dog after she had two TPLO surgeries on both ACLs by the time she was two years old.  I saw her build confidence as she continued to progress in this sport.  She absolutely loved it!  She tackled obstacles & situations that amazed me, not only because she loved the sport, but also because she had the confidence to do so.  Even struggling through cancer & chemo, she continued to enjoy & excel in nose work.  Because of the positive impact this sport had on her, I got my other dogs involved in nose work, and they love it, too.  The trainers at Paws Plus are some of the most positive, encouraging, compassionate, & knowledgeable trainers I’ve ever had.  If you ask any one of their students, you’ll get the same response.  I can’t even begin to list the numerous things they’ve done for their students & our dogs!  They are more than just “trainers;” they’re more like family.

Robin Wilcox

We’re proud of our students!